7 up 7 down at MCW19 – Simple playing details from the master

7 up 7 down is known as a dice game similar to Tai Xiu but has a much simpler gameplay and rules. The special feature of this game is that the winning rate is quite high, making the game an attractive entertainment option. To help you participate in the game smoothly MCW19 will provide complete information about the game as well as detailed instructions on how to play in the article below.

7 up 7 down
7 up 7 down

What is the game 7 up 7 down?

The 7 up, 7 down dice game uses 2 6-sided dice. In this game, players only need to predict the results of 2 dice so that the total score is 7 without much skill or experience.

The main objective of the game is to accurately predict the total score of two standard dice after they fall. Usually played online, players face off against a dealer. In each game, players will see two dice shaken in a bowl and their task is to make predictions:

  • 7 Up: Total score greater than 7.
  • 7: The total score is exactly 7.
  • 7 Down: Total score is less than 7.

When participating in the game, you have the opportunity to receive many special rewards. Each game, a random lucky choice will reward the thunder symbol in 1 of 3 bets. If it falls on the box you bet on, you will receive a bonus at double the rate if you win the bet. This makes the experience of playing 7 up 7 down more interesting and exciting.

7 up 7 down game
7 up 7 down game

Details on how to play 7 up, 7 down simply at MCW19

Below are detailed instructions on how to play the game. Let’s follow along so you can start participating in the game in the easiest way.

Step 1: Visit the MCW19 homepage

To get started, you should visit the bookie’s official website via the link mcw19.live. Another option to save time is to download the app to your phone and access it.

Then, you just need to log in to your personal account using the name and password previously registered on the MCW19 platform. This is the first step in the process of participating in the game experience for bettors, however you need to choose the correct mcw19.live link to avoid risks when playing the game.

7 up 7 down game at MCW19
7 up 7 down game at MCW19

Step 2: You choose the game 7 up 7 down

In the card games section, you can select the Kingmaker lobby to search for the game 7 up, 7 down. When clicked, the system will open a new play window, providing many play rooms for you to choose from. Each room will have a different bet level and players can choose 1 of the following 4 rooms corresponding to their betting capital:

  • Universal (5 – 100 chips)
  • Beginner (15 – 233 chips)
  • Master (50 – 1000 chips)
  • Main (150 – 2333 chips)

Step 3: Participate in betting

First of all, you will place the bet amount on the hand you want with three options: 7 up, 7 down and 7. Betting time is usually 15 seconds, after that, every player starts the game by placing a bet. chip in one or two of the selections before rolling the two dice.

  • Numbers above 7 such as 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 are often called seven Up. If the player wins when predicting 7 Up, he will receive money back at a ratio of 1:1 compared to the bet amount.
  • Numbers below 7 are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, often called down 7s. If the player wins when predicting 7 Down, they will receive their money back at a ratio of 1:1 compared to the bet amount.
  • Number 7 is by default a lucky number. If you win when betting on Lucky 7, you will receive a refund at a ratio of 4:1 to the bet amount.
7 up 7 down betting
7 up 7 down betting

When the betting time ends, the house system will automatically throw a random thunder symbol into one of the three betting boxes. The Dealer will then roll the dice and open it. Win or lose results will be automatically updated to your playing account if you win the bet. Players can withdraw money to their bank account immediately afterwards. In case of difficulty withdrawing money, please contact the dealer for timely support.

Strategy for playing 7 up 7 down to win quickly from experts

The essence of the 7 up 7 down dice strategy is similar to the Martingale strategy, this model assumes doubling the bet amount after each loss. Initially you start with 100k, if you lose the bet, the next bet will be 200k. It should be noted that to overcome 6 consecutive losing bets you will need 3,200k.

This strategy of playing 7 up, 7 down helps players quickly regain what they lost when winning, in the hope of creating a winning streak and making a profit. However, this strategy does not guarantee that you will always make a profit and requires large capital to overcome failures.

Strategy for playing
Strategy for playing

Therefore, it is most important that you keep your betting limits in line with your personal budget and stop when you have made a profit. Another important tip is to avoid 7 to 7 games that only pay 3:1. Instead, choose to play games that pay 4:1 to 7 (Up 7), as the The house edge is less positive (16.67%) than 3:1 (33.33%).


In the above article we have shared with you detailed instructions on how to play 7 up 7 down. Hopefully through this article you have mastered how to participate in the game. With the simplicity of the game, you will definitely enjoy moments of comfortable entertainment and have the opportunity to earn a significant amount of money to continue participating in other betting games on many worthy platforms. . trust.

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